A Card Game

26 Jun

Life is like a card game.  You’ve got to know when to hold ’em–wait that’s not me.  Let’s start over.

Life is a card game–and the hand you’ve got is the hand you’ve got.  Sometimes we’ve got a little influence over our hands, sometimes we deserve our hands, sometimes we don’t.  What we’ve got (until we’re dead) is a bunch of cards we’re looking at for whatever reason.  It doesn’t even matter the reason.

Now, some people get something really good like a royal flush.  Good!  Be happy.  But remember there’ll be a time when you don’t have a royal flush, so be kind to those who don’t even have so much as a pair.  

For the rest of us, a good bit of time we’ll have a mediocre or sometimes downright crummy hand.  People have all sorts of philosophies as to what to do in this situation.  Some people want to pretend they have a royal flush when they don’t.  Some people give up.  But these are both less than happy answers to a less than ideal situation.

You’ve got to play the hand you’ve got–you’ve got to play smart and you’ve got to deal with things as they come.  Sometimes you can bluff a little, but that’s a bad way to go for long.  People wise up to that sort of thing and they don’t like it.  

Overall, know this, sooner or later the hands are redealt.  Sooner or later the cards will be better.  Just hang on.  You can do it.  And enjoy the game!

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