Power Outage

25 Jun

So my power was out for 14 hours on Friday.

At first this was fun. I brought out all the candles and my books. I felt all 18th century like I should have a smoking jacket or something. I wanted to have my elbow on a hearth and be reading a small book and snap it shut and say in a loud pretentious voice “Veronica I thought it would be you.” Veronica, had she been there, would have known immediately by my tone that I did not approve of her goings on with Lord Chesterton and could she heave her breasts elsewhere please.

However I don’t know a Veronica, I don’t have a hearth, and saying this to my cat didn’t have the right effect. (Veronica would have fainted onto a chaise-lounge not yawn, turn around, and go back to sleep.)

So I finished my night up reading, and then went to bed. The thing is, I live in an apartment building and all the handy little items that drown out neighbors noises are gone. Let me tell you right now that my downstairs neighbor must have eaten some peanut butter right before bed because he smacked his lips all night.

So I was laying in bed, listening to the lip smackings, and realized I needed to go to the bathroom. With no electricity there’s plenty of weighing of pros and cons. For instance, do I really want to fumble around for a flashlight, stumble to the bathroom, find a way to balance the flashlight and bathroom needs, stumble back in, and get into bed. (Keep in mind it’s PITCH dark.) Then my downstairs neighbor smacked his lips some more and enjoyed some more deviated septum time, and I was reminded of the veritable waterfall that my visit would entail. And then, for no particular reason, I imagined taking a shower in the dark and instead of water, spiders would come out of the spigot which curiously made me have to go to the bathroom more.

In the end, I succumbed, but I made it out ok.

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