Things I liked about today

21 Jun

1. The Warmth
2. It was go skateboarding day! Ok so I don’t skateboard, but it gave me fun memories of the slackers in highschool.
3. The bamboo out my window.
4. The knowledge that all stresses eventually go away.
5. Strawberry biscuits!
6. That secret plan that I’m too shy to say out loud. YEEP!
7. I questioned something! Ok, so I was a little high-strung about it and felt like I was going to throw up a little, but I opened up my mouth and spoke! Even if I get smacked for it later, I’m proud of me.
8. Butterflies.
9. Fish and Fries.
10. That song that was stuck in my head forever is finally gone. (I will not say its name, it is EEEEEVIL). It’s replaced by a generic swoopy ballad that follows me wherever I go, so as I walk up the hill the song goes–treeeeeeees, georgeous treeeeeeees, climbing high with the heart of the weeping willow (willow willow). Ok so it’s pretty inane, but it’s fun.

One Response to “Things I liked about today”

  1. itsnotalwaysbutterfliesandrainbows June 22, 2012 at 12:02 am #

    pretty awesome

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