Time Out

20 Jun

I sometimes wish there was a time-out room for adults everywhere.   Unlike jail, this isn’t a place for crimes, but a place we could send people right when their monster side is coming out.  Like the lady in front of me at the supermarket who looks like her eyes are going to bug out of her head because the man two people in front of me has managed to get a bunch of things that require price-check.  Now I know she’s got a bunch of other things that are really frustrating her, but she looks on the verge of losing it.  All I want is someone to come up to her, gently tap her on the shoulder and say, “Ma’am, it’s time for a time-out.”  And she’d be sent to a room with a blankie and some juice and a space to curl up in until she feels a little calmer.

It wouldn’t be a punishment, and I really don’t care if she “learns her lesson.”  I just think it would be best for people (and I include me in this) to have a pause for those times where life gets us to that place where ordinary frustrations are about to blitz people out.  

Because nobody wants to be that person.  And even if she gets the flash in her head that she’s being that person, well that would make her feel worse, not better.  How about being comfy until her heart has gotten down to human level beating and her hands stop shaking?  I’m sure it’s not her fault, and even if it is, what’s the difference.

And that’s how I’d run the world.

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