Bone Tired

19 Jun

Today when I came home from work I was so tired that I could basically sit down and say blrg no matter what.  G, who works from home, is very chatty and wanting to talk, so I hear yadayadayadayipyipyip (I love him very much and it’s not his fault that I hear it).

It’s like being in separate dimensions.  I am in maple syrup land, where moving is just such an effort of will and left to my own devices I would probably slouch in the corner like a turned off machine, and G is all happy puppy yapyapyap I saw this I did that this is this that is that.  

All I can do is close my eyes slowly and nod to things and let out the small mmmph and glrgl. Later I will ask questions and he will tell me all these things all over again, but for the time being we understand each other and it is good.

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