5 Jun

Focus is tough. My mind has a tendency to wander along all possible grooves just taking the lightest possible route–like a leaf on the wind. The problem with that skittering, turning, swirling, mind is it never really settles on anything. I guess another image that goes with it is a kid in a toy store, so excited to be there that he moves from thing to thing without even seeing any of it. It’s just too stimulating, all those shiny metal pieces turning, the lights glowing, and noiseNOISEnoiseNOISE.

I always return to mindfulness (when I have a mind to that is!) and try to get still. Meditation has a bad rap, because it’s been couched in all these mystical (and sometimes silly) images, but really, for me, meditation is an internal rolling up of the sleeves. If I can give myself five good breaths I can sit and focus and really dig into something around me. Not everything! The mind is gluttonous and wants to take it all in. I don’t need to take it all in (and I can’t anyway), just one focal point, the little curve of my fingernail, the white moon at the cuticle, the little shelf of skin around it. Yes, I can get things done.

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