At Brunch Today

27 May

I spied with my little eye:
A family with twin tweenish daughters who felt all fancy ordering Shirley Temples.

A woman looking longingly at a baby at the next table, smiling and making faces, and sometimes sighing.

Another woman sitting alone at a table and confidently, heartily, wonderfully having a good time by herself.

A big party, like three tables pushed together, all talking and laughing and looking at pictures.

An older couple eating silently in the corner, looking at each other every now and then, tiny smiles.

A mother and adult son sitting with a little tension.  The son kept on jiggling his leg.

A table of two twentysomething couples.  The girls were having a good time, the guys looked a little uncomfortable.  Lots of flirting.

Two women, old friends, having a regular outing.  They were telling each other what’s been going on with their families.  Some funny stories, some sad ones.  They left arm in arm.

A group of suited businesspeople have very careful, very appropriate conversation.  They were deliberately not talking about work.  

A middle aged couple having round after round of cocktails and laughing.  (They don’t normally do this sort of thing.) 

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