Tarot Cards

23 May

I am not a believer in the tarot.  I find their images interesting, and the sort of mishmash of meanings that come from them sort of psychological, but in terms of reading the future–I don’t think the future is written in stone, and what little we can know is based on current trends (which can always change).   

Also, the tarot has images (mostly, I know there’s some newer decks to choose from) that are cool because their antique but don’t really speak to me.  Like Strength–a lion really?  How many times in my life am I going to come face to face with a lion?  (Yes it’s a metaphor, but c’mon!)

Here’s some situations that come in my life quite often, that if the cards came up, I might listen–

The Gnat–That little detail I missed that will turn out to be a big deal later.   The line in the contract that I forgot to read, the one case that I didn’t look back at and double check.  The t that wasn’t crossed and now it will turn into a Thing.

Stalemate–When there’s a disagreement and both sides are convinced they are right and the other is wrong so they won’t budge.  It will be a long wait.

Revisionism–When someone revises a past event to mean something entirely different than it did at the time.

Foot-Dragging–When something that’s going to happen has endless delays, mostly because somebody doesn’t want it to happen.

The Loaded Gun–When a conversation about something neutral, gets weirdly strained, because of something I do not know.  

The Freak-Out–When someone loses their shit over anything.

Waiting–Oh yeah, a good part of life can be spent standing in line.

Dancing–Good times had by all!

That song that won’t get out of my head–I want to see the tarot card that will tell me that I will hear the theme from Gilligan’s island nonstop for three days.

Forms–Anything in life has a form to fill out to go with it.

The Witness Box–Sometimes I have to explain myself and explain myself and explain myself

Blame–Yes, it was my fault, can we move on?

Pets–Because pets=happiness.

The Circus–On some days there’s a million things going on at once and it’s hard to focus.

Daydreaming–I love a good daydream.  Set me at a window and I will build you a castle.

Oh yes, there will be more!

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