20 May

Welp, an eclipse is supposed to happen today, and I don’t think the sky will be clear enough to really see it.  Which makes me a tiny bit disappointed, but thems the breaks!  Also, it’s more than a little ironic after at least two weeks of happy sunshine today is the one day we get that’s drizzly.  There’s still time though!  You never know.

Actually, truth be told, I’m enjoying the rain today–it gave me an excuse to do all those indoor things that I always want to.  I am more of an indoor creature than an outdoor one, and even more of a home creature than a being someplace else one too.  Naturally I believe in pushing my boundaries at times, but still, there’s nothing wrong with comfort zones, they have a place too.  Funny, I hear much more encouraging people to move out of their comfort zones, than in enjoying them.  In my opinion, life has enough time in it to give each and every human more than enough discomfort, so there’s nothing wrong with taking it easy.  

To some that last statement is obvious, but I come from a very religious family where striving was the soup of the day every day. Though I’m not so naive to think that people are sunshine and lollipops at heart, I also don’t think that people, left to their own devices will revert to craven soul-rending beasthood either.  Risks, judiciously taken, can be very rewarding, but the same for comfort.  

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, Eclipse.  If I see it, I see it.  Can’t wish the clouds away after all.

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