19 May

Now I don’t usually wax political, namely because I think politics is the end result of what’s going on, and not the beginning of it, and also, though I vote, it’s something I don’t have a whole lot of power over.  However I wanted to put my two cents in on the current presidential race, which is probably hardly worth more than that.

Though I tend to be liberal minded, I’m not married to either the Republicans or the Democrats.  I see politics on the national level being too team oriented–more looking at what pennant you’re under than any ideas passing around.  I know the traditional philosophies on both sides, but where it counts is how those philosophies turn to policy.  Honestly, I don’t think most of the politicians really believe in these philosophies anyway–liberal vs. conservative and the rest.  

Also here’s a hard fact to swallow:  the recession and feeble recovery is not just an American problem.  All over the world the economy is not working well.  I don’t think any president has the power to make the recovery move any faster than it already is.  In short, it’s out of our hands, and anybody who promises anything in that arena is lying through their teeth.

Objectively, the fight between Obama and Romney is portrayed as an economic one.  The conventional wisdom says that if the economy is strong or at least moving in a positive direction then Obama wins, if the economy is weak or weakening then Romney wins.  This may be true, however I neither see the economy soaring or coming to a stop by the election.  Rather, it probably will be doing much the same as it’s doing now, working forward, slowly, bit by bit.  Even if everything went gangbusters and the economy just opened up today, I don’t think we’d feel it in time for November.  So I think the conventional wisdom is moot here.

Here’s where the real fight comes in.  Romney needs to be seen as someone with ideas to win this election.  He needs to sum up our current problems and believably say these are our problems and these are the answers to them.  I can fix these things.  Obama, on the other hand, needs to keep himself in the public eye, and emphasize how far we’ve gone, while saying there’s more to be done.  Make no bones about it, Romney has a tough fight–his public image is a little ill-defined–he needs to seem to be about something to seem like a viable alternative.

What I’m afraid will happen is Romney will try to do a “going back to the old ways” strategy, trying to show himself to be a Reagan–something along that line.  That won’t wash.  For one thing he’s not Reagan, and for another I think if he wins under that strategy he’s shooting himself in the foot, because what’s desperately needed is NEW strategies–the old ones only contributed to the recession in the first place.  We cannot possibly decentralize government any more than it already is without threatening stability at this time.  

Personally, I would like to see Obama win (and I suspect he will) partially because he became president under possibly the worst circumstances in modern history.  While everything is not exactly rolling, he had to pull us out of a pretty deep ditch, and I have seen progress, although I’d like to see more.  

3 Responses to “Politics”

  1. Shez May 26, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    Until serving the people becomes more important than personal political achievement, nothing good will happen. I also know that neither letting capitalism run rampant or everything provided by the government will work. The current climate is fraught with fraud and overburdened with politicians which pay more attention to lobbyists who are paid to promote one sector or another is also not working.

    A simple question to ask ourselves: “If we all work for and are paid by the government, where is the money to pay the wages going to come from?”

    The right answer is not taxes. For a democracy to work, money needs to be collected for local, state, and the national governments. It depends on people working in private industry, companies prospering enough to grow, buy new equipment, hire new people. The answer is not to support the entire population just because they are here. Look at the minimum wage. Look at the price of an apartment, a car, gas, insurance, food, clothing, heat, lights, water, babysitter or daycare. Someone earning $9 an hour gets $360 a week before taxes. They cannot survive.

    Also leveling the field of campaign money to spend should be a priority. Buying a campaign should not be allowed. All the donated money in one pot divided up equally would go a long way toward having honest elections.

    Facts that are actual verifiable facts, not spin jobs with omissions would also help. There have been some great presidents from both parties, back when the both parties goal was to help the people prosper.

    Wouldn’t a simple answer be nice? I’m afraid until people change, there will not be a simple answer.

    • pewterbreath May 27, 2012 at 6:10 pm #

      Yes, a simple answer would be nice–if I had one wish when it comes to politics, it would be that civil discussions between those of differing positions would emerge. I don’t want only people who agree with me running stuff–it’s about balance and respect. Thank you for your very well thought out response.

      • Shez May 27, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

        Politics seems to be the only profession, with perhaps the exception of movie stars, that people in one way or another do not help people. Can you imagine a surgeon, or nurse, or school teacher, or waitress, or landscaper who pretty much tells the boss to jump in a lake, they are doing it their way and they were only kidding when they applied for the job and promised to do everything exactly like you had hired them to do? They would get maybe a second chance, but it would be fast and final, not four years.

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