The Itsy Bitsy Spider

12 May

We all remember this song from Kindergarten or preschool.  The little hand gestures, the water spout.  What I always imagined with this song is that the spider made a web, the rain washed it away, and it comes out and makes the web again as soon as the sun comes out again.  The song never mentions a web, but what would the spider do otherwise, just stand on the water spout?  Nuh-uh!

Sometimes I feel like that spider.  I believe in mindfulness, and enjoying the now, but there’s an importance to dreams and building too!  Ever meet people who have given up on dreams?  To me they are frightening hopeless people who live very sad lives.  

However, the thing with dreams is that they are the tiniest filaments that if we work hard and are very lucky might turn into something–they might not too.  Most of our endeavors are only about possibility, that’s what makes them fun after all.  The thing is sometimes the rain comes and washes those dreams away.

And it can be so hard to come back out with the sun and put those delicate filaments back out.  To try try again.  It’s tempting to stay washed out, hidden away, leaving that light under a bushel to gutter out and just close up the theater for good.  (Jeez I’m mixing metaphors like a bartender here!)

However, we must come out again.  We have knowledge, that nothing’s permanent, that many things are extremely temporary, but that’s what makes the work all the more necessary, making our threads, knitting ideas, and hoping that some can survive the deluges that wash things out from time to time.

It’s tricky business, having enough hope to give it a good try, but not getting so connected to plans and dreams and schemes and imaginings that we don’t collapse every time the rain comes.  

Perhaps the water spout isn’t the best location for our spider friend.  Perhaps the spider would grow and become larger in a tree or a corner inside, but everything has its dangers, there is no place on this earth that the web can be perfectly safe.  

Just keep on, build those dreams, have them out your head and in the real world.  Very rarely does everything get washed out.

And the sun ALWAYS comes out again.  

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