Calm, cool, and collected

10 May

Hello Folks!

High spring has arrived in Portland, and all around is clear blue sky and warm temperatures.  I love this time of year, everything is lush and green and open and free and the world just seems so large and epic and friendly.  The trees have giant leaves that crowd each other for space, and even in the city everything is hushed.

A thousand perfect moments pass by me each day.  A woman dancing with fans in the park, a hummingbird and a flower,  children chanting jumprope rhymes, somebody wrote I love you all over the tennis court in chalk, traffic pushing by in a bright restless stream.  These large air-eating days where each moment seems frozen.  Calmness.  Gentleness.  Movement.

On days like these all the troubles personal and public just fade away into the background (where they fit best) and people resemble sculptures.  What lovely grand days!  

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