This Land is Your Land

29 Apr

*Sigh.*  I had a pretty good week last week, that was unfortunately ended with an interaction that left me feeling hurt and bewildered.  I do not like the way people end up treating each other in offices.

I want to be in a place where everybody stands on the same level of ground.  Where the talk is personal with more of an attitude of “lets get this done together” rather than “these are the rules.”  I understand that rules are made to create order above all, and for the most part I strive to stay within the boundaries.  However, a better way to approach me rather than “you broke a rule,” is “hey, this is causing a problem, what can we do to fix this?”  (I understand the first approach if I was wandering around nude in the office or something, which thank goodness for everybody I was not!)

And so, still feeling hurt and bewildered by all this, I have been drawn to This Land is Your Land–the campfire song originally written by Woody Guthrie about having mutual respect.  That this space is for everybody, and there is beauty in that sharing, It’s funny, how many people try to get away from being common, when in my mind, being common is the best thing a person can be.  To say the truth in the clearest and simplest way possible.  To say your thoughts and your feelings and to not pretend one exists without the other. To never be cold or unkind.  I want a place that welcomes that sort of talk.

Ah but I’m rambling–obviously I’m reading WAY more into the song than is there.  Perhaps I could find the same meaning in Merzy Doats in the mood I’m in.  As I said, feeling bewildered and hurt, and if I were a true professional I would admit to neither.

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