26 Apr

I don’t generally enjoy parties.  This has caused a bunch of navel gazing because many people around me LOVE parties and me not enjoying parties would be saying something like I don’t like presents or I don’t like laughter.  They look at me like some awful thing happened to me or something and they will show me how to enjoy parties and the scales will fall off my eyes and I will exist in a happy party universe.

I have been people’s special project many times over in this regard.

I still don’t like parties.

The reason I don’t like parties is because I am not one who is naturally inclined to fall into the groove of a group.  If I could be in the corner with an invisible barrier that keeps people from talking to me, and I could have my journal  and I could just watch–THEN I could enjoy parties, but I always get cornered by the WRONG party people:

1)  Tragic Mary.  Tragic Mary will corner me and tell me everything that has gone wrong in her life.  The boyfriend who cheated on her.  The other boyfriend who just wanted her to cook for him.  The boss who is just MEAN.  Any conversation topic that I introduce will just feed into some other story (if I say “These tangerines are really juicy”  “I HAD A DRESS THAT COLOR THE DAY I FOUND OUT MY FATHER WAS SLEEPING WITH OUR NEIGHBOR.” Soon I leave for the bathroom but for the rest of the party I have to stay on my toes because Tragic Mary is wandering around ready to latch on at a moment’s notice.

2)  Mr. Non-conversation.  He’ll talk about the weather, what kinds of cars there are, who he knows at the party–but it will never get into a real conversation–the rhythm is awkward—comment, pause, completely unrelated comment.  One hand is always on a glass, the other in a pocket (he’s always wearing khakis).  I always end up pretending to sip from an empty glass trying to think of things to say.

3)  The Storyteller–at least with her you don’t have to think of what to say.  The storyteller wants an audience to just say oooh, mmmmm, huh, wow at the right times.  If they didn’t try to force me to laugh I would be better with it.

4)  The squealers:  Usually girls, I am always the next table over, the next seats from, always nearby–and they squeal and scream about EVERYTHING.  I wouldn’t mind it so much if it didn’t seem more like a bad habit than any real attempt at emotion.

I guess I was a born wallflower.  However much I don’t like parties, I love small gatherings, one-on-one, quiet talks, secret letters, all sorts of things!  

One Response to “Parties”

  1. Shez April 30, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    The beauty of being a photographer, not too many folks care to infringe in your space, unless you invite them. It’s also an easy escape tool when you are trapped. It works for me 😀

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