21 Apr

I love puppets. Everything from the sock on the hand to the Popsicle stick variety, to the incredibly beautiful marionettes that are works of art.

Puppets bring out good sides of people, I still remember the old Sesame Street bits where kids are talking to the puppets, and they certainly believe that they are their own beings. Also the funny bit is those children thought of the puppets as peers, not as animals or adults, and so you could get them to say and do things they wouldn’t normally.

Also puppets, usually because they are cute and small, are allowed to act out parts of ourselves that we would never dream of doing. Think of Punch and Judy–how violent they are, but it doesn’t matter because they’re puppets. Cookie monster eats constantly in pure gluttony in a way we would never show a real person doing. That’s the secret, they’re not supposed to be real–and in the end they become realer than we could ever get.

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