A Word I Don’t Like

17 Apr

One word I don’t like is networking.  It’s one of those words that just leaves me cold.  Why?  Because it’s so corporate, impersonal, going on a hand-shaking contest, trying to find people for their uses, phoniness, pre-planned conversations, trying to move up.  OOOH! And it also reminds me of those super-social networkers that wander around like sharks looking over the shoulder of the person their talking to to see who is next on their “it list.”

Here’s what I want instead–connections, warmth, caring, kindness, creativity, humor, gentleness, a sense of liking, comfortable clothes, play, drawing, equality, a democratic group, music, belief.

One Response to “A Word I Don’t Like”

  1. Shez April 18, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    You mean a “perfect” and “phony free” world? I would love that also. 😉

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