16 Apr

I like to believe that every emotion exists for a reason. I like to.

But crankiness–GAH! That over-the-top late afternoon crankiness where every little thing just gets under my skin and I just want to lay down on the ground and kick and holler like a three year old after a sugar binge. It’s not pointed at anything in particular, but there it is, this ultra-crankiness, ready to turn me into the incredible hulk and glare at every gum-snapping teenager and loud breather and annoying drink sucker in existence.

It’s me, I know it is, in my normal rather happy days, I know drink-suckers, gum-snappers, and loud-breathers are around me continuously, but my brain is going la-ti-dah-doo-doo-dum and is really thinking about what I’d name my pony (Gumption by the way) or would I really want a water dragon-pond built on my wonderful imaginary house. BUT TODAY–on the elevator it was a symphony of mouth noises–I felt like I was swallowed down the building and spat out on the bottom.

Everybody gets this way sometimes, I know. Today was just my turn. I breathed, and listened to my feelings, and they now seem to have subsided.

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