Completists and Geniuses

15 Apr

There’s a part of me that tends to be completist.  By what I mean, there’s some part of my ego that would love to have read all the books of an author IN ORDER and can quote them at will (it doesn’t have to be a fancy author either, even if it was Jackie Collins, I could pop out a Collins quote at will–GREAT AT PARTIES.)    To watch every movie that a certain director made.  To know year by year everything that happened in a small town over a century.  

The problem is Everything is boring.  I don’t mean all things are boring, I mean the ENTIRETY of a thing is boring.  Think of a collection where every piece has been acquired.  What’s left to do but put it on some shelf and dust it every once in a while.  Also think of the person who you’d most like to follow day by day as a fly on the wall.  Even the most fascinating people in the world spend 90 percent of their time doing everyday ordinary tasks that everybody on earth does in their own way.  Think about it, no matter what, 90 percent of your day is spent doing the same things that Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Napoleon, George Sand, or whatever genius you want to name does.  And yes I’m counting your job, because all the things you do in your job are common activities–reading, writing, communicating with others, going to meetings, speaking, listening, getting stressed, calming down–your goals are different, the tools are different, but they’re exactly the same. From the jailyard to the mansion, there is no difference.


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