Things I love

14 Apr

Public places with soul.   This is hard to explain, but there’s a big difference between a restaurant that just serves food, and a place that’s like a living room.  The place that has regulars and love within its walls.  There’s a big difference between a Starbucks and the local mom and pop coffee house where they know people’s names and have little conversations.  Also it’s something you can’t fake (corporate places will train people to talk like they’re interested and invested, but they’re really not and people know it.)  

Lovely views, particularly if there’s a picnic table nearby.  I think picnic tables are one of my favorite human inventions.

Good concerts where the performers are really trying to say something.


Museums that have places to sit directly in front of paintings.  If I had my own museum, each painting would have movie theater style seats where someone could sit and watch the painting.  

The very top windows in A frame houses.  

Handkerchiefs.  Sooner or later these have gotta come back in style.  

Dominoes (the game not the pizza).

Walking around with good shoes and a good umbrella on a moderately rainy day.

Being inside with a really thick book, my cat,  and some tea on a VERY rainy day.

Good biographies.  

Flower shops and plant nurseries.

Watching the highway, all those cars moving from place to place, the big trucks, the vans that have strange names on the side, all different colors, people moving.

People who are unafraid to be smart, but not cocky about it either.

The sound of a fan humming.

Recipe collections–like the ones where somebody clipped them from magazines and newspapers and put them in a scrapbook.  Especially when they have notes on the back.


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