10 Apr

Brick by brick; stone by stone.  This is the way we build cities, even countries.

I have never felt right about the creator being a substitute god, maybe because it involves too much responsibility.  All I know is that if I have to be inspired and have the angels sing, the angels fly off to somewhere else and my inspiration fades like last years paint-job.

Building, however, is a way I can make things.  A book.  A painting.  Anything.  Thinking like a construction worker as to how things fit, how high can it go.  Starting from the ground.  Starting with a mess.  Letting it all fall down sometimes.  It’s easier for me that way.  I can make something and know I put it together and if other people like it or not doesn’t really matter all the way.  Inspiration is audience based, while building is activity based.  

Then I can get into the hum.  Then I lose myself, and surprise myself, and place things just right.

Building–a lovely activity that involves all the care and none of the ego.  Perfect.

One Response to “Building”

  1. Shez April 11, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    Thought provoking!

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