Why I won’t be watching The Hunger Games

8 Apr

I have nothing against The Hunger Games as a movie. For all I know, it might be twice as fun as the local circus. It very well could “blow my mind.” I know very little as to what it’s about other than futuristic dystopia, which is about as vague as it gets. I’m not watching it.

The reason I’m not watching it is because of the hype. I’m not normally one of those people who thinks something is necessarily good or bad just because a lot of other people like it. I am one of those people who can get sick of a thing if it’s pushed too hard. Since The Hunger Games came out, it’s been featured on every show, having blips on every internet site, talked about, gossiped about, like it’s a “life changing event.”

It’s not. It’s a product. It might be a very good product, but it will change very few people’s lives. It’s hamburgers, t-shirts, cellphones, units. It’s made so that people will buy it. It’s not a “cultural event.” It’s hardly an event. It’s just a movie. However, the marketing media goes on about it like they’re rabid fans of their own product. Ever talk to a rabid fan about their favorite thing? Doesn’t make you want it very much does it? At least it doesn’t make me.

Granted, this movie may speak to some people, and I’m not going to begrudge them their experience. Anything in this world is capable resonance, and those moments are wonderful. Plus, to be absolutely clear, I’m not hating on the movie, I’m turned off by the relentless chatter about it; chatter that doesn’t really do more than name-drop this film.

Maybe in 10 years when I don’t have all the advertisements clanging in my head for attention I will watch it, but for now I will not watch The Hunger Games.

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