Make ‘Em Sing!!!!

5 Apr

I found a marvelous way to deal with the most difficult people.  Whenever people deal with me in a way that makes me feel like a shrinkydink I imagine everything they say in song.  Really!

What it does is it gets my ego out of the mix and can make what they say fascinating.  Somebody going on a curse spree?  It’s hard for all those words to hurt when I imagine them in the biggest opera soprano voice I can muster.  Someone talking to you like a child?  Barbershop quartet them!   Somebody just yammering on and on?  Well shoo-be-dooby have them do scat!  It’s perfect! It’s wonderful!  And it makes me relax JUST enough to handle things effectively with nobody being hurt.

Try it!  It’s marvelous!!!!!

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