Life in Risklesstown

4 Apr

Ah, sometimes I can fall in the trap of the riskless life, it’s a trap because there’s no such thing.  Risklessness seems so responsible, so adult though, doesn’t it?  Always going for the safest thing, staying within the boundaries, being patient, being meek.  The problem of it is like someone putting all of their money into a savings account that they never touch.  It’s “for emergencies only” but there will never be an emergency big enough to break it open (until they are dead.)  I’m not against a nest egg, and certainly putting a little aside to save for that rainy day is a good idea, a cushion is a good idea–the thing is we may need a cushion, not a padded room.

Ah risklessness, sort of like being in the land of gray and sepia, nobody talks too loud, everything is what we should be doing.  Oh by the way “should” is the sheriff of risklesstown.  He doesn’t have a sense of humor at all.  He likes television, talk shows, he’s fine with depression (it keeps you still), mindlessness, boredom, trivia.  He wants you to stay put and not shake the tree too much.  (Never mind that the tree will fall down sooner or later  no matter what anybody does.)

I’m not saying I think recklessness is the answer–that’s like curing a cold house by setting it on fire, but sometimes things need to be stretched a little.

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