People are Stages

31 Mar

Everybody is a stage. I don’t mean everybody is in a stage (though everybody is that too), but everybody is like a theater stage with all the lights and the red curtain, and an audience–the whole shebang. So there’s the part that everybody sees, the actual show, and there’s the backstage where there’s people running the lights and setting up scenery and giving actors lines and things like that.

The danger is when we compare our insides, our backstage, with the shows that everybody else puts on. I’m not saying that people are pretending to be things they’re not, but people show only certain things. That’s the tricky part of the backstage, some of the things there cannot even fit on the stage, there’s no place for them there, there’s not even words for those things back there.

For everybody, the backstage is messy. There’s a whole bunch of different opinions and questions, and they can’t even get the view to properly see what’s going on onstage like the audience can. They’re working in the dark, running wires, carrying bits of costumes, bustling, pushing, moving.

So the next time you see someone and think, my goodness–they have it together, think of it more like a show that’s well performed. Their image may be together, but nobody knows what’s going on backstage but them, and sometimes not even that.

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