30 Mar

One of the oddest ideas in the corporate world is professionalism. Being a professional there can mean any number of things. It can mean being less emotional, being nicer, dressing modestly, being more formal, and there’s a dozen more. Usually it means “do what I think you should do.”

Not that I think the requests are bad, but for some reason the being a professional talk in the office is roughly equivalent to talking to a teenager about sex. There’s a bunch of embarrassment, fidgeting, and weird names for ordinary things. For instance, in the real world, if some worker dressed a little too provocatively (not me) someone might say, could you cover yourself up–you really leave the wrong impression. But in an office the conversation goes to professional attire and creating the right image and a bunch of gobbledygook that probably leaves the overly skin showing person a little bewildered really. Honestly, they probably thought that what they were wearing met the right standards. (Keep in mind, said person might really be wearing some horrible stuff, but this sort of talk won’t explain it to them if they don’t see the light already.)

It’s one of my least favorite words in an office. Lately I had one such discussion (NOT Over clothing) and the word popped up and internally I thought EEEK THE P-WORD! It’s strange what words hold power in certain places, because if someone ever says a person is not professional, well that’s just corporatese for THEY SUCK.

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