While waiting for surgery

14 Mar

When G was in surgery, I spent 6 hours in the waiting room watching show after show on the food network, slightly anxious, just focusing on anything, because all I can do is wait.

I brought my writing stuff, but in situations like this (surgeries, airplane trips, anything that is heavy-duty WAITING, rather than light waiting) I can’t write.  I’m too tense.   

It was interesting though–I’ve never watched the food network before, and here is what I noticed.

1)  I love Rachel Rae.  I don’t know why some people can’t stand her.  She clearly enjoys what she’s doing and knows what she’s talking about.

2)  Paula Deen isn’t my thing so much, though I can see why other people like her.  I don’t see hating her either (actually, in general, I don’t see the point of being a hater, if something isn’t my flavor I  just shrug at it.)  Honestly, cooking people get more reaction from the public than even politicians do, and I find that strange.

3)  Gianna De Laurentis sure is jiggly for being a cook.  It was like watching cooking with Barbie.  Whatever she was making all I could see were her chest and her teeth (which she shows all the time.)

4)  The ads for Golden Corral made me feel slightly ill.  I can just imagine the chocolate fountain that they have and how it would be filled with chunks of unknown matter with kids putting their hands in it.  Blek.  I am not a food snob but also people walking around eating plate after plate heaped with food just makes my stomach start making acid on its own.

5)  Anne Burrell made me happy.   She is about making good food, not perfect perfect things.  She clearly loves what she’s doing, and it’s always a treat to watch something who loves what they’re doing in action, even if they loved accounting.   (NEW SHOW IDEA, the happy accountant, buy it from me CBS!!!!)


2 Responses to “While waiting for surgery”

  1. SL Schildan March 15, 2012 at 11:04 am #

    I’m with you on trying to write in situations where you mind is clearly preoccupied. I don’t watch much TV and find it annoying in waiting rooms. Lucky for you it was the food channel. It can be interesting enough to keep us engaged without actually using any brain cells. 😀

    • pewterbreath March 15, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

      It was kind of perfect, and normally I don’t watch TV like that, but it did kind of make a focal point, and on top of that it was neutral-ish. Though it was unreal to watch phony domesticity in the middle of the hospital. Meeting of two worlds I guess.

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