Spring again!

11 Mar

It’s spring and the world is puddle-wonderful, and I have that fresh spirit that always rises this time of year. All the new growth, the flowers, the smells in the air, the pollen, and most unfortunately the ants that always invade my apartment this time of year. But even with the ants, life is good.

I can see the future as a blank page, that despite the habits and routines that have grown out of days and days, and my starting point I have right now, there’s many many directions I can grow in, many many places yet to go, many many new people to meet and experiences to have. It makes me very joyful to think about this! All the opportunities around the next corner! All the things I could not even imagine happening! How exciting!

I am already shifting from winter-me (stays home and reads books and lives under blankets and is a wonderful little mouse hidden away in his nest) to spring-me (opens the windows, spring-cleaning, starts having adventures again, full of energy and life.) Each season has its own gifts, but I am extremely glad green-shoot spring has come again. It’s such a grand thriving season, watching the world waking up.

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