Between Adults

4 Mar

I have just gotten a springtime passion for adult things. Not Adult Things filled with explicit scenes, but things made for adults to experience.

Most commercial releases in America are made for adolescents.  It’s completely understandable, after all, if you release a movie or an album meant for people on an 8th grade level, well that includes just about everybody.  Even if you’re beyond an 8th grade level in education and experience you can still remember being there, and if you’re not, well you’re there.

However, that also leaves a giant gap.  After all, there’s not much that really looks at complex adult lives with their interconnections, the fight against going stale or giving up, the ambivalence, the deepening.  That’s why I like Sondheim.

I just watched Company, and what that play is talking about is anything but adolescent.  The people in this play are all grown up, and realizing that though they are in different levels of settledness they have settled for, there’s still a desire for life, exploration, excitement and the rest, and balancing this with responsibility is very difficult.

I think the idea is not to have your door closed, but also not flung open.  We need to keep our doors kept ajar at nights so that a living dream can creep in and nestle into our well-ordered, or seemingly well-ordered, lives.  

Also I notice the older I get (and I’m not that old), how seldom it is that I feel one feeling anymore.  I always have a mish-mosh of sad-happy-bored or angry-distracted-nervous or something.  These feeling cocktails aren’t as easy, aren’t so pat, as the pure ones.  I appreciate Sondheim for seeking to sketch out these feelings rather than the true love, or pure anger, or wretched sadness.  It’s truer.

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