2 Mar

Blocked.  Always blocked.  Always going to and from my workplace wondering when surprises come up.  Sometimes rain, sometimes sun, always going to an office with a pile of papers and an endless chain of calls.

Though I should be grateful that in these times I have a job what is wrong wanting more than a steady paycheck and eight hours grind making other people money as I watch my dreams all fade.

I keep on thinking that I’ll get out maybe someone will move this rock I’m stuck beneath but I can’t depend on it, I cannot wait any longer.  I’m so tired that I can’t seem to face any other challenges in outside life.  

Tired, always tired.  Always weary laying on my couch with work thought eddies mumbling in my brain.  Make that call, press that post, make that file, cross that off the never ending list of just keeping an office moving in its forever grind.

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