Your time is up.

24 Feb

Sooner or later they come for you. It’s inevitable. The thing is to get ahead while you can, to set up in advance.

That’s why I have my bunker–rooms and rooms that I’ve been putting together, stocking away food, drinking water, the works. I have a room of books, and a library, and a generator with fuel. I could live there the rest of my life comfortably, if not a little bit lonely at times. And nobody can get in, except through the magic door, and I only know the word for that.

My best friend tipped me off one day when I was getting groceries. I immediately started running. Don’t go in the car, they always go there first, go by foot. I ran across parking lots and past the groups of tourists taking pictures and posing for each other, happy because their number hasn’t come up yet. It will; it comes for everybody.

So I get to the door of my bunker–a hidden door in the middle of a wall of ivy near the highway. Immediately I know something’s up, because I can hear noises, can hear people coming in a marching tromp tromp tromp, and I know I got there just before them.

I whisper my magic word, and the door opens. I run in, in the dim underground hallway, and I whisper the word again, but the door won’t close. I say it louder and louder like the door is an auto language system that isn’t quite getting my voice, and the people are coming. I press the door closed, but before I can snap it shut a hand reaches through, pressing a shotgun into my arms.

They’re offering it to me. They don’t believe in going after someone without a fight. I’m pushing it back. I won’t play this game.

I break into a run–though the space is huge for a bunker, it’s really just an interconnected series of rooms, so I don’t have many places to go. The bunker was designed to have only one exit after all–and I’m tipping things over, trying to slow down the dozens of feet that I know are behind me.

And I’m stuck in the room in the very back–I push water bottles in front of the door and crouch on one of the top shelves, knowing the room would only allow one man at a time through, but also knowing there were many many men, and I could not last forever.

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