23 Feb

I’m thinking of a small pile of sugar deposited on a diner booth table (red tiles) from one of those tiny packets. Why am I thinking this? I don’t know, but the image is repeating in my mind like the Der Kommisar over and over in my head.

Raw sugar–the white stuff, that sweet flavor that just explodes and melts in the back of my throat. I used to suck on sugar cubes–a horrible teeth-rotting habit, but I did. I found them charming in their sort of time-warpedness. Also to look in the box and see them all ordered up in comfortable rows–I mean it’s no worse than eating a candy bar or something, is it?

It’s like I’ve turned part black ant with that picture in my head–the idea of making sugar pictures with a finger and the dust, or of sprinkling it all over like some wonderful fairy dust. The lovely cookie sugars that look like metal, or those pretzel cookies that have big squares of sugar just gleaming on their nooks and crannies.

Sugar–instant picture of desire. Funny thing is that I never liked sugar cane–it was too woody.

Huh. SUGARSUGARSUGARSUGARSUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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