20 Feb

A craftsman, an artisan. Something about those words just resonates with me. Many roles associated with the arts do not. I am not one who believes that the romantic Byronic mode is a healthy one that lets people have good lives. Art is a means of expression, however, bringing out the inner demons, making art a box to hold feelings, seems a bit small. An artist’s job is not to imitate god.

A craftsman. It’s too bad that craftsperson does not work as a word, and craftswoman sounds…wrong, because I certainly don’t equate that word with gender. Craftsmanship is being really good at making something, but rather than focusing on the maker’s relationship with that thing, the focus is just on the thing. Inherent is a level of quality; a good craftsman makes things of good quality. Artisan might be a better word, but I can’t separate that from bread.

Also craftspeople don’t believe in suffering for art. I find the idea of suffering for art laughable, because art doesn’t appreciate someone all the more for suffering for it. Also suffering is a human condition that exists independently of what a person does. The idea of, say an accountant, being better because they suffered is laughable.

No, a craftsman–a workshop that is warm and has all the tools nearby, dark and inviting with earthy smells and flame. I could happily spend days down there just making good things.

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