10 Things I’m saying No to

18 Feb

1. Harm for anyone for any reason.
2. Anything involving bad smells.
–Though I just imagined a jail where a felon had to stand on a moving conveyor belt that went through different smell areas, all of them awful, and varying so they didn’t lose their punch. That’s a YES! idea. Not to do, just to think about.

3. Anybody who tries to make me feel bad.
4. Anybody who is mean to old people.
–I’ll no anybody who is mean. But mean to old people is a particular pet peeve of mine. Nobody stands up for them, and there’s many more old people in America than any other kind of person.

5. People/places that are trying too hard to sell me something.
–shops with staff that want to help me too much, telemarketers, news corporations that use product placement, pop-up windows at websites, movies with too much product tie-in, bands that are more about stuff and image than music. Nothing makes me angrier than finding out something is secretly trying to sell me stuff.

6. Image meaning more than substance.
–I’ve decided that everybody is cooler and smarter than me, so I don’t have to have the discussion anymore.

7. Partisan discussions on anything.
–These discussions seem to be more about creating more conflict than finding a compromise on anything. Oh and public ranting too.

8. Thoughtlessness
9. Reaction taking the place of decision making.
–other than in the middle of a raging fire.

10. Judging others.

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