17 Feb

Sometimes the truth is a funny thing.

I have these friends who are moving into a situation which I don’t think is very tenable. However, they’re very excited by this. To be clear, I HATE their plan, it just seems very risky. However, it’s their life and their plan, and while I don’t think it will work, I don’t think it’s a harmful plan either.

So I had to stand and smile and swallow my doubts with my tongue and wave to them as they drove away, to go to this other place with these other people who aren’t going to do what they think they’ll do.

But maybe I’m being overprotective. Maybe I’m just sad that they’re moving away and a little nervous about the gradual untwining of connections that happens when orbits move away. We’ll always be friends, but we’ll become more remembering friends that see each other once in a while than active friends who are in each other’s lives.

And that’s ok, I have to remember, that while we have a few people in our lives that are there for the whole show, there’s many many people who are only here for a scene or two and then go somewhere else. That friendships age and some fall apart. That letting go is part of the process.

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