6 Metaphors for How I’m Feeling Lately

16 Feb

My feelings are like a car radio on scan going really loud, moving from song to song, stopping abruptly in the middle of them to move on and on, some stations being just static, some stations repeating themselves, constantly talking, constantly distracting

My feelings are holding a feeling convention inside me, all of them bumping into each other and shaking hands and wearing stickers that say Hi I’m (yournamehere). Some feelings are old friends, others are just meeting each other for the first time. The air is milling with curiosity, recognition, and delight.

My feelings are a bunch of candy and firecrackers crammed into a pinata.

My feelings are a parade where they put all the marching bands in a row so that all the bands are playing louder and louder so that their song can be heard above all the others.

My feelings are mixing every single soda flavor from the soda fountain together, ignoring the disapproving eyes of the lady at the counter who isn’t really all that much older than you.

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