Jury Selection

14 Feb

It would be nice if jurors had to take intelligence tests before being selected. It’s just that by jury of my peers I would prefer jury of my smart perceptive peers, and not jury of my peers who would rather be doing something else.
I was surprised that was exactly what one district did. They had potential jurors have to figure out a card game based on clues. When I was visiting, I only got a ripped, incomplete, pamphlet (obviously they reused these) and found it hopeless as to how to play the game. A lady one table over got the hang of it really quickly, she was shuffling and moving around cards and having a good old time. I didn’t know if it was against the rules, so I asked for her help. The thing is, she was a born and bred card player so this sort of thing was like a duck in water to her and for me I had trouble following her. She said it’s just like a game called gearshift which of course I never heard of.
So I didn’t make the jury based on my own idea. Funny, huh?

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