Plant Life

10 Feb

People are like houseplants, I realized this today.

I’ve had a bunch of houseplants in my life. First was a bamboo plant that just grew like gangbusters in my office, but when I brought it home it wilted. I moved it a half dozen places and it eventually faded, got all mangy, and died. Another is a spiderplant, that looked pretty puny in my office but as soon as I put it on my cupboards, it just absolutely exploded. In my office it was tempermental and always a little anemic, but at home, it forgives me if I’m not the best at watering, it just grows and grows and grows.

Whenever I see a person that leaves bad flavors, I need to remember that they are like houseplants, and are very likely in the wrong spot for them. I can’t even blame them for that, because how many times have I been living in less than ideal conditions, and had to scrabble on. Nobody deserves to live like a weed on a mountain.

So my job is to find that right windowsill, that right soil, or at least to help. It’s a cheesy metaphor but it holds. Half the people in this world act unpleasant because they are in unpleasant places. Can’t we make things closer to the sunny windowsill that we all deserve?

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