9 Feb

Sometimes I wonder whether commercial culture has taken over everything. Anything and everything is a product. The news sells. Television shows sell. Movies sell. Everything a moving finger of the next thing to buy, the next thing to bring happiness. Think of all the time we spend earning, buying, selling, and being advertised to. What would we do without it?
I wonder–I’m not having a communist daydream or anything, but if all that effort, all that phenomenal amount of work taken in the arena of commerce went to anything else what we would have? I don’t think anybody knows. I think that scares people.
I’m not anti-commerce by any means, trade gives me access to more items than I could possibly imagine, but there’s a time and a place. And we don’t just buy things–we buy health, experiences, bodies, families, friends, well-being, religion–there’s nothing out there that doesn’t want a dollar in the jar.
Pretty cynical huh? I’ve heard the argument that humans are selfish creatures and that’s just that, but we’re in a cultural landscape that encourages selfishness. Also, aren’t things like addiction, abuse, poverty, hoarding, and obesity simply the dark side of living in such an acquisitive world?

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