We Are All Egomaniacs

6 Feb

I know I am. Every day in every moment I make myself, and everybody else makes themselves, the star of their own personal series. A reality show in which everything they do has extreme meaning and is the world. Of course it is, but that doesn’t mean the world sees it the same way.
I wonder if we’d all be better if we climbed off our specialness perches once in a while. To see what we have in common with others rather than what makes each and every one of us unique. I mean, really, most of our internal experiences are shared. And isn’t that a marvelous thing? Think about a world with billions of humans who had completely different emotional responses, different ways they were wired, different things that moved them. How would we ever become societies? How would we ever be anything but completely alone?
Granted, that shared commonality also is something that can be manipulated, but all in all it is a wonderful thing. We are all average. We are all (or most of us are) gloriously, complicatedly, marvelously, beautifully average in every way.

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