4 Feb

So, now I’m exhausted and instead of doing a planned piece, I’m going to just let my words wander and see where they go.
I just spilled a huge cup of mocha on the floor and had to take some time cleaning it up. I wonder if it will leave the floor sticky? Watch me have found the absolute perfect floor cleaner of all time (I have a wooden floor, and it’s all shiny now, a wonderful thing to look at and think about.) With the yellow lights it’s just a warm buttery chocolate room all cozy and wonderful! Tomorrow, when the ants come, I think I won’t find it so romantic.
I’m remembering a dog I knew named Mocha–owned by missionaries back in the Haiti days. There was something about missionaries there that always named pets after food–there was Oreo, Vanilla, Mocha, Hershey and heaven knows how many more. I guess it was sublimation.
Oh those sepia days, with the cactus fences and the heat that crawled beneath the doors and grabbed me by the ankle.
And laying in that darkness, without so much as a fan, hearing the dogs wander by at night, and people whistling.

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