Words I Like

27 Jan

harbinger, chrysalis, dumpling, cherub, mannequin, debutante, scrimshaw, watusi, cheeky, smitten

barbed, whistle, crinoline, enjambment, wicket, spinster, ukulele

gastroschisis, scintillate, vibraphone, initiation, wisteria

pincushion, peek, va-va-va-voom, oyster, liniment, harridan, coconut

ink, fusion, wince, pantaloons, frizz, snazzy, turmeric

nubbin, cockleshell, periwinkle, muckraker, miasma, slumber, chemist.

These are words I like. I don’t like all these things, just the words for them.
I also think if I put them in the right order, they would make a spell.

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