Notes To Me a Long Time Ago

26 Jan

I ran into an old e-mail site of mine that I hadn’t used in years. Going through those old messages, I was reminded of how much people change. It’s sort of like being a kid, where people around you say how much you’ve grown, but you don’t really believe it until you’ve stood next to the doorway with the marks on it. I always run into my old ghosts, I don’t think they’re ever really gone, to tell you the truth. Every day I’m surprised by something yesterday-me left for today-me to find.

Here’s some things I would tell me from long ago:

College doesn’t matter; books do.

Enjoy your time with x and z, they won’t be around for long.

I know now seems like forever, but it will change very quickly, it will change before you completely know that now is now.

P will give you something wonderful and something equally horrible, it’s your call as to whether you think it will be worth it.

PLEASE never start smoking. I promise I’m not being a bossy adult, it’s completely not worth it.

I can’t tell you not to worry about what other people think about you, but I can say it also doesn’t matter.

When you have to leave, try to do it gracefully.

Gossip just stresses everybody out, even just listening to it. Somebody starts gossiping, run the other way.

The world is much safer and much nicer than you think it is.

It’s ok to be sad, mad, scared. Feel these feelings and they won’t hurt you.

Don’t do things you don’t like in your free time. If you’re bored go home.

Being wrong is wonderful. Enjoy being wrong. Aim to be wrong once or twice a day. If someone says “I think you’re wrong,” Cheer.

You are what you are. Nobody gets to decide what that means but you.

Be kind to old people. Listen to them. Yes, it’s sometimes boring, but they know wonderful things.

Don’t worry about where you’re going. There is no “figuring it out.” Enjoy today, this second, this moment. Your trajectory is beyond your control beyond that.

You’ll fight meditation and yoga tooth and nail, but you’ll love them before you’re through. You don’t believe me, but you will.

I love you.

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