Vesuvius Attacks!!!!

20 Jan

When I get angry, and I don’t often get angry, the top of my head unscrews and a flow of hot lava trickles down my face onto the floor, in big glops. Everyone around me pretends they don’t notice, that it will just go away, but it doesn’t, it presses on with hot force, growing into this nova eruption that will not only take the surrounding villages but send up a mushroom cloud so that everyone on the horizon will know it’s there and to beware and stay away. Birds act strangely, making half formed nests obsessively out of hair and the feathers of each other. Even the air gets hot and wrinkly, a haze climbing up to the sky, hotter than the sun, hotter than everything else put together. And for a brief instant it holds that heat, vibrating heat, shimmering creeping heat that expands in a burst, than creeps back to nothing.

Islands are made in this manner, new lands are found after, new creatures, and new horizons, and a sky that is clear blue and pure.

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