George HW Bush, Arm Tumor, Marshal Hammond’s.

3 Jan

When I was little I was hanging out at the White House. Barbara showed me to where the first (and then only) President Bush was. He was hanging out in a heavy sweater like a worther’s ad, and handed me a book very calmly, very friendly. The sort of book that is stiff and not very fun to read, though I appreciated his kindness. I returned once later, and he wasn’t there anymore.

Years later, I was wandering around a hotel, because I had forgotten where my room was, just walking and walking–not too nervous, though it was VERY dark. I ran into S, who was sleeping in the lobby, his job at that time was to be there for people like me.

He and I started making out, I liked the solidness of his body, and then I was touching a mass on his shoulder, a great tumor. He pulled away and told me to meet at Marshall Hammond’s. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but it was a bar.

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