Circle of safety

30 Dec

A circle of safety, it’s important to me, and my little creature ideas.  Tiny little furry creatures that need protection.  A line in the snow.

Actually not little furry creatures, because they’d be just FINE in the snow.  What I have is a collection of tropical birds and fish, where if I let them out of their cages and bowls here, they would most certainly die. 

So I’m walking in my boots, with my birds and fish, very much hoping that not too many of them die–working to get them in the house where they will be safe, they will be in their circle of safety.

Circle of safety–I also see light at night, where I can see and be seen, and be embraced or avoided by those who will.

I want this idea to be clearer and stronger, to have better lines.  Circle of safety, a space where people can be warm and safe for a little while–five minutes, ten minutes, 20 minutes, how long. 

HUH, Circle of safety–seems that I have to think about this concept more.

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