I was at a reun…

27 Dec

I was at a reunion of my senior class.  Jo was there with her new baby but nobody wanted to be there.  It was funny because we were all sitting there in a circle, more like a recovery group than a group of former friends. 

Huh former friends, I tried to get us to all go to the tiny corner bar/coffee shop/whatever that’s on the corner, but nobody was really biting.  It’s like everybody was just waiting for the meeting to end.  We watched Jo jump her baby up and down on her knee, made inane conversations, fidgeted like at church or the less fun of family reunions.

Nobody wanted to be the first to leave.  The first to break this up, because we knew that even with the magic gone, this would be the last time we would all be together.  Nobody was going to be that person.

And though I could hear the pleasant nothing, the coos at baby, underneath, underneath was a snarl, anger, rage, distraction, boredom.

And the red cafe/bar doesn’t even have a name, nobody is sure WHAT it is other than a few red tables in a red room with mopey waiters that occasionally bring you things, whether coffee or booze.  One wonders if this place is legal, though nothing illegal happens here.  Also the temperature is always too hot or too cold and indifferent to season as to which.  Also the owner is never around. 

Also a dog is always tied up to the bicycle rack, BUT NO BICYCLES.

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