In the sea

22 Dec

I was in the sea on a tiny raft–I had taken off my clothes but covered myself with a blanket.

I just let the raft float in the water and bob, laid there with my eyes closed.

I noticed that my cellphone was missing.

Earlier, I had been trapped in my life, getting calls from all sorts of people trying to set up a new deal. One of the guys was hitting on me I think, he was a farmer.

But now I am in the sea, and my phone is gone, and nobody, not one person, can find me. It is the most lovely thing in the world.

THat’s the thing, I don’t understand being so plugged in, to have people always contacting contacting contacting–are people that nervous? Are people that afraid of a quiet moment? Are they afraid to think?

I don’t know. I’m never sure about these things.

But I’m in the sea, my raft is purple–I can go here anytime I want, turn everybody else off and just be here.

LOVELY lovely.

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