9 Dec

We are frogs, we are frogs, we are miserable frogs! Just listening to the Sondheim musical really brings something out for me, about the bloodsucking status quo class that wants everything returned to the imaginary fifties, kiss Ronald Reagan’s photo every day, and wants to only every be around people like them.

They are dangerous. They will hurt things in the end with their selfishness, with their desire to stay in their little cold and slimy lilypads and having nothing touch them. They want to be away from others because they indirectly hurt people. That’s why our sweatshops are in china. That’s why we can’t set up a decent public transit system, so that each individual can have their selfish expensive gas guzzling air polluting cars. THey’re frogs.

FROGS! Sit and croak and complain, and make things dangerous for everybody by trying to make things safe for themselves. They also are extremely shortsighted, and will complain first if anybody else is being greedy (because they can use it to justify their own selfishness even more.)

Let’s give them a big CROOOAAAAAK.

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