Penn State

14 Nov

I think that the Penn State Molestation thing is horrible in about 50 ways.  1.  That the molestation happened in the first place.  2.  The insufficent responses of oh-so-many people involved. 3.  The all over the map but ultimately horrid responses coming from the reporting, from disbelief, to rioting, to really trying hard to find people to blame.  None of these behaviors will help ANYONE.

And that’s the thing, finding a scapegoat will not make these things fail to happen again, because it wasn’t one person’s fail, it was the SYSTEM”S fail, and while I think that all the individuals should be made culpable, Penn State needs to look at why Penn State and the wider community continously ignored someone who was a predator, and basically allowed him free access to the area’s socially at risk boys to feed his own desires.  Do they think the boys don’t matter?   It certainly sounds like that.

Also through this I got pretty much the only useful information ever on Yahoo–almost always they’re advertisments hidden behind news, but the BIRG and CORF thing is really interesting and falls at the heart of hero-worship.  Is hero-worship healthy?  The end of the article says they need new leaders to believe in, but MUST we have leaders to believe in (as members of the “herd?”)  How about, not holding someone up so high that we can’t see their mistakes?  How about not needing to follow anything unquestioningly?  Isn’t this a clear case as to how that can be dangerous?  And the sort of devotion given to coaches, verses the sort of devotion given to cult leaders isn’t as clear cut as we’d like it to comfortably be?

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