Perfect Family

10 Nov

I always wanted to have a temper.  I wanted people to be like OOOOH be careful, he’s got a temper.  But I don’t.  I’m warm and kind and laughy, and I certainly can have my nervous freak-outs now and then, but not a temper to be seen.

I’m thinking of my childhood and my Italian neighbors.  I’m thinking of the fabric softener that the family smelled like, and the pool in their backyard.  How they had a farm with horses, even a big clydesdale, and fun parties, and the longest driveway you’ve ever seen ever.  They had waterbeds even for their kids, when that was thought to be a good idea.

They looked so perfect from next door, absolutely picture post-card perfect family.  I’m sure they weren’t, but I never saw that part.  Just smiling perfection for each person.

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